"FREE BOOK Reveals
  Transformation & Growth Blueprint developed from Silicon Valley, The Electrical Revolution and 30+ years in the trenches which helped build a small business into a $600 Million Tech Blockbuster..."
Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn:
  • Why "Silicon Valley Thinking" Not Technology Leaves Even The Most Successful Traditional Companies Standing
  • 3 Sources Of Growth Funding That Never Needs To Be Repaid 
  • Why Your Platform Strategy Has The Potential To Either Turbo Charge Your Growth Or Swallow Your Business Alive
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The Secret Strategies used to help grow a Start-Up 
into a $600 Million Tech Company...
Inside My NEW FREE Book...
Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover!
Inside my new book, Transformation From Chaos, I'll be sharing strategies which help business owners deal with the cataclysmic changes we're going through and track a course to massive growth. 

Here's a sneak peek of some of what you'll discover inside: 
Section 1: Strategy Secrets
  • Transformation & Strategy Lessons From "The Electrical Revolution":  What business owners today can learn from the strategic errors of the most successful companies 100 years ago? 
  • Why Silicon Valley Thinking Not Technology Leaves Most Companies Standing: How transformational thinking positions even the most traditional "Bricks and Mortar" companies to grow exponentially..
  • Make Your Competition Irrelevant: How the fastest growing companies win with strategies that maximise profitability by side-stepping their opposition!
  • The Five Reasons Most Growth Strategies Fail: Of all the factors that hold back the development of many solid companies there's one that only those in the know are able to avoid...
  • Three Sources of Growth Funding that Never Need to be Paid Back: Many business owners growth plans are held back by their lack of awareness of alternative forms of finance that don't need to be repaid. This lesson puts that right...
  • How to Access Unlimited Funds for Growth: In our digital networked world there are now many alternative forms of financing that enable businesses to grow without the traditional handicaps...
Section 2: People Secrets
  • Why Your People Know in their Genes Whether You're a Real Leader or a Phoney... Most business owners accept that leadership plays a critical role in achieving their business goals but admit that they probably haven't invested as much as they should into improving this skill. This section lays out what you can quickly do to harness the motivation, innovation and loyalty of your people!
  • The Secret Business Equation that Links Customer Spending with Employee Thinking: Of the three main ways of growing a business two of them involve your existing customers. In this section I shed light on this formula and show how a small improvement in the employee side, yields enormous growth benefits..
  • 100 Years Ago, 50% of the Worlds Most Successful Firms Went Bust. Why Has History Repeated Itself, And What You Can Do To Avoid The Same Fate? 
  • The Simple "People Tool" that Google Use to 10X their Business Year After Year: This tool is used extensively within the most successful Silicon Valley Tech companies to create performance cultures that mirror the culture of high performance sports teams. This lesson unlocks the secret and shows how quickly it can be used to get results..
Section 3: Tech Secrets
  • How to Harness Digital Transformation Without the "Price Tag": How to achieve performance transformation without expensive tech consultants, technology or new recruits!
  • How to Transform the Performance of your Company with Added Value Information Services: Hidden undercover a new breed of company is shunning equity funding and are instead using their own business and market knowledge to grow exponentially with Information. In this section I shine a light into this incredibly profitable strategy...
  • Why Executing the Phrase "Working On Rather Than In Your Business" Makes a Massive Difference to having a Great Relationship with your Business and your ROI!
  • How would your Business Cope if your Top Two Traffic Sources were Shutdown Overnight? Here's an evergreen traffic strategy that provides protection against changes in advertising policy from the big platform providers....
  • Why your Platform Strategy has the Potential to either Turbo Charge your Growth or Swallow your Business Alive? In this section I explain the variety of platform strategies you can follow and how to implement them.
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    I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
    As mentioned, this book is completely FREE. I'm buying it for you, all I ask is you cover the cost of shipping and handling and I'll send it anywhere in the world! Sound fair? You can also grab the audiobook for a small fee once you put your details in below...
    What Are Others Saying About the "Transformation From Chaos" Book?
    "When you're running a business is so easy to get caught up in the day to day detail and hard to step back and see the big picture.... in a way that is truly objective... which is why I absolutely love Phil's book ... I don't see this as a book to read just once. If you're a leader who is looking to transform and grow your business, this book will change the way you see and think about it.  
    I cannot recommend this book enough!"
    Obi Obuchi 
    Core Leaders International
    Every business conversation I'm having at the moment is around transformation especially with the backdrop of the Pandemic. I found this book to be a useful and easy to work through practical framework for both strategy and even more importantly implementation. It's backed up with realistic and useful experiences. 
    Pauline M,
     Executive Business Coach
    'Within 10 months of working with Phil and being introduced to his transformational strategies, my business was being valued by investors at ten times it's value' 
    Mike Hill 
    Co - Founder
    One Planet Pizza
    'If you've suffered during this pandemic and you're looking for a reboot and some new radical ideas, this book is a great place to start' Thank you Phil!  
    Richard Booty
    Managing Director

    These Radical Business Strategies 

    Have Already 
    Helped So Many Leaders...
    Are You Ready To Be The Next Success Story?
    Who is Phil Akilade and why should I read his book?
    I help Business Leaders transform the performance of their businesses by turning the "Chaos" of today's trading conditions and the "Digital Tsunami" of the last 10 years into major growth opportunities. 

    Over the last 35 years I've built 6 businesses from scratch - sold 4 of them (making healthy returns in the process), closed one and experienced the pain of a significant business loss with the other. 
    So I understand both the pleasure and pain of being an entrepreneur. 

    I've taken CEO/MD responsibility for building and developing 
    3 organisations, helping to sell 2 of them on to large multinationals (one of which sold for $600+ Million), turning around the other and protecting it from sell off whilst avoiding the loss of hundreds of jobs. 

    I've sold multi-million pound technology systems to blue-chip companies. I led a transformational change project for a 10,000 strong operation. I've operated as a senior change consultant, using leading edge software, technology and people strategies to help transform the performance of SME's and large corporates. 

    So I understand how difficult it can be to turn theory into practice in real life situations.

    Send Me Your Address...
    I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
    As mentioned, this book is completely FREE. I'm buying it for you, all I ask is you cover the cost of shipping and handling and I'll send it anywhere in the world! Sound fair? You can also grab the audiobook for a small fee once you put your details in below...

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