Your Outsourced Growth Partner:

Finding & Fixing Obstacles To Growth, Developing Your People, Building Your Sales Operation

B2B companies want to grow/scale but often can't justify £300K+ for a Sales VP, an HR VP and a Growth Consultancy. Instead they hire us on a part-time basis to help deliver the change at a faster pace and at a fraction of the cost.

"The Performance Paradox"

Our clients are driven, creative, and resourceful leaders, but sometimes even when they've invested significant effort into solving a confusing performance challenge they're just not able to achieve the results they expect. 

How We Help B2B Companies Grow & Scale

After several decades transforming businesses, we have found they struggle to scale up their operations for 3 main reasons:

1. Obstacles to growth haven't been diagnosed and tackled

2. People are slightly disengaged or lack accountability

3. Sales strategy is unclear, training is inconsistent & systems are weak.

We solve all of these problems as your outsourced growth leader.

We help you:

1. Grow Your Business

The Blueprint For Transforming & Growing Your Business

What you get?

  • Diagnose & remove what's holding back your growth 
  • Find hidden revenues in your current operation
  • Apply new thinking to create a transforming  growth strategy
  • ​Execute  the new growth strategy to achieve radically higher performance
  • ​More revenue, profits, stability and happier people  

2. Develop Your Leaders

Supercharge People Performance Blueprint

What you get?

  • Tackle the 'Great Resignation' and 'Quiet Quitting' by.........

  • Enhance the skills of your managers & leaders to inspire Hyper Performance from your people

  • ​Engage your people in wanting to deliver the very best customer experiences

  • ​Ensure your HR team are contributing to the overall commercial performance 

3. Transform Your Sales

The Five Steps to Sales Transformation Blueprint  

What you get?

  • Bank quick sales  wins by identifying short term tactical changes
  • Optimise sales performance by diagnosing & filling gaps in hard/soft strategic selling best practice
  • ​Up-skill your sales managers to improve their coaching, management and forecasting abilities
  • ​Create a sales culture based on continuous improvement

What makes us different?

1. Speed to the "What, Why & How" of change

The "Performance Paradox" plays out differently in every organisation.

Our secret sauce lets us quickly uncover how it interferes in your business.

Once eyes have been opened, solutions start to flow both with and without our help. 

2. Strategy, People, Systems & Mindset

Generally consultants, agencies and coaches stay in their specialist lanes.

We believe this rigid, tactical specialism is one of the reasons why 75% of change projects fail.

They're not joined up!

Instead we facilitate "integrated" solutions designed to quickly tackle challenges and create solutions that deliver results.

3. Radically Transparent Conversations

Without this level of communication as to what's actually happening inside your organisation and the markets it operates within, we believe it's impossible to identify the root causes of underperformance.

Our blueprints and the way we apply them are designed to uncover these root causes.  

Having identified these insights  we then  help you create radical but sustainable solutions 

which help you and your organisation achieve it's objectives.

4. No Results No Fee!
We believe in a no nonsense and no bull s**t approach to achieving results for our clients 

and pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

How we deliver results?

  • We identify the issues that are holding you back and help you fix them
  • ​We help you use chaos as a platform for transformation & growth
  • ​We help you and your leaders harness the creative forces of Left & Right Brain Business Strategies
  • ​Our solutions are sustainable because they're the opposite of vanilla

Who we've worked with:

Who are these guys?

Greetings, I'm Phil, the guy who wrote the book  "Transformation From Chaos" or in simple speak, how to get back in control of your business growth regardless of what's happening in the crazy world we live in today.  

I'm Omar the guy who wrote the book "Leading Cats and Dogs in the Workplace", in other words, how to effectively understand and lead the people in your organisation to even greater success.

We're founders of Growth Agency, "Transformation From Chaos"

We help Business Leaders achieve their Profit, Sales and People Objectives,  regardless of the chaos they're having to manage.

Together we have 60+ years experience leading, scaling, developing & yes, making mistakes within businesses from start-ups to much larger organisations both public and private. 

We create one of a kind interventions that transform company performance by delivering outstanding 

personal and professional success. 

By far the best way to find out if we can help you grow your business is by booking a "no obligation" coaching call..

How we work with our clients

Initially we work with Business Owners & CEO's to help them become aware of the imbalances and gaps within their Growth, Sales & People Strategies. 

This increased awareness helps tackle the twin success killers of Denial and Confusion. 

Next we use a combination of coaching, mentoring, training, facilitation and growth 

problem solving to help our clients get the results they want & deserve 

If we choose to work together here's what we'll do:

- Create a level of awareness that gets your people out of confusion and/or denial

- Challenge your current thinking about what's possible

- Push you to excel the way olympic coaches support their athletes

- Work with you until you get the results we agreed to help you achieve

- Insist you get involved in the change process

And here's what we won't do:
- Deliver one-off programmes because they don't work

- Only work on "Them" (your people)

Provide theories and models used by many other consulting firms

- Accept average results

- Create solutions that are totally dependent on us

On our 'No Obligation' call with you we'll:

- Listen to what's frustrating you and what you want to achieve

- Start to identify what's holding you back that you've possibly missed

- Explain how we help you find quick revenue wins

- Show you how we help you apply new thinking to overcome your obstacles 

- Explain how we help you design a new growth strategy that achieves your objectives

- Let you ask about how we could work together

So click the button below to:

"The book that launched a thousand transformations.."

Inside my book, I share the blueprint I used to help build a small business into a $600 million Tech Blockbuster. It’s the same blueprint we now use to help business leaders deal with the cataclysmic changes we’re going through and track a course to sustainable and often quick growth.